Can you help us?

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Let family, friends and colleagues know about Smarter Cambridge Transport. Become a member, or sign up for news updates or follow us on Twitter (@SmarterCam) or Facebook, and spread the word.

As part of developing our ideas we are consulting widely with people across the region: councillors, MPs, council officers, residents’ associations, special interest groups, business organisations, and individuals with good ideas. Don’t wait for us to find you: talk to us now!

Make a donation

We need your donations to help pay for:

  • Hiring meeting rooms and event venues
  • Printing flyers and other promotional material
  • Professional services
  • Expert advice

The more money we have, the more ambitious we can be and the quicker we can act. We accept donations via:

  • Bank transfer: please contact us for the bank details and your Membership Number as a reference.
  • Online via LocalGiving (please be aware that between 6% and 9% is deducted in processing fees).

Donate via LocalGiving


We need volunteers to help us achieve more. We’re looking to build small teams of people to work on:

  • Co-ordinating volunteers
  • Recruiting members
  • Soliciting donations
  • Organising meetings
  • Applying for grants and sponsorships
  • Commissioning contributions for our column in the Cambridge Independent.
  • Managing our Facebook page
  • Creating infographics
  • Researching and collating information
  • Writing executive summaries of reports, research papers and news articles
  • Updating our website
  • Writing content for newsletters, website and social media
  • Graphic design & illustration: maps, artist impressions, animations
  • Technical drawing: road layouts
  • Traffic modelling and microsimulation
  • Web/page design
  • Doing presentations
  • Organising events
  • Attending community and council meetings

If you can help with any of this, please get in touch!