Smarter Cambridge Transport

About Us

Please note:
Smarter Cambridge Transport retired from front-line campaigning at the end of 2021. See here for details.

The Smarter Cambridge Transport organisation

Smarter Cambridge Transport is an apolitical, voluntary organisation, advancing integrated, sustainable and equitable transport for the Cambridge region. Our objective is to seek out, develop and promote transport policies that will de-carbonise the economy, improve safety and public health, promote social equality and inclusion, and protect and enhance the natural and built environment. An essential consideration is how to integrate and balance all modes: walking, cycling, bus, train, taxi, private cars and commercial transport.

Every policy and proposal is the product of open-minded research and consultation, and subject to continual revision and refinement as new evidence emerges. The group has no political or commercial ties. It has worked with other organisations such as Railfuture, Cambridge Area Bus Users, Camcycle, Living Streets, Cambridge Past Present and Future, Campaign for Better Transport, Carbon Neutral Cambridge, Transition Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Climate Emergency, Cambridge Association of Architects, Cambridge Ahead, Cambridge Network, Cambridge Forum for the Construction Industry and other groups.

Smarter Cambridge Transport is an unincorporated association governed by a constitution adopted on 24 April 2016.