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Travel Hubs

A ‘travel hub’ refers to a bus, tram or train station with more facilities than a bus stop, and with the dominant modes of access being walking and cycling.

On-Street Parking

Four new residents’ parking zones have achieved the 50% level of support needed to proceed to go forward as Traffic Regulation Orders: Accordia, Staffordshire, Newnham, Coleridge West. A new residents’ parking zone in...

Inbound Flow Control

What is Inbound Flow Control? Inbound Flow Control is a powerful technique for reducing congestion. Traffic lights on the edge of the city release vehicles only as fast as the road ahead can carry them. By restricting...

Smart Traffic Management

How Smart Traffic Management and Smart Traffic Lights regulate the flow of traffic through the city in response to demand.

The Greater Cambridge City Deal

Smarter Cambridge Transport answers your questions about the 'City Deal' between central government, Cambridge and south Cambridgeshire.

Smarter Cambridge Transport’s Plan

Our ten point plan for realising the Smarter Cambridge Transport vision for integrated and sustainable transport for Cambridge, south Cambridgeshire and beyond.