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Active Travel Forum: the Mayor responds

A response from the Combined Authority Mayor to our suggestions about a proposed 'Active Travel Forum' which has been announced.

Response to Foxton Travel Hub consultation 2021

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) has pushed on with this so-called “travel hub” scheme at Foxton without proper consideration of the fundamentals.

Response to the ‘Cycling Plus’ consultation

This is a poor-quality consultation, purporting to be about “active travel” when, in fact, it is about prioritising some disjointed and ill-thought-through cycling improvement schemes in and around Cambridge.

Letter to Mayor Dr Nik Johnson about the Active Travel Forum

We urge the Combined Authority to apply the Three Cs (Compassion, Cooperation and Community) to the development of a new Local Transport Plan that is ambitious on the Three Zeros (carbon emissions, air pollution and...

Petition to Greater Cambridge Partnership

Please sign our petition to the Greater Cambridge Partnership to reallocate funding from busways and car parks to more sustainable alternatives.

Response to Eastern Access consultation

Smarter Cambridge Transport’s comments and additional ideas for improving access to Cambridge by cycle, bus and train from the east.

Response to Cambridge South East Transport consultation 2020

The Greater Cambridge Partnership is expected on 1 July 2021 to give the go-ahead for this scheme to proceed to its final stage before granting permission for its construction. The most recent information is available...

Response to the ‘CAM Sub Strategy’

We are concerned that the CAM's Sub Strategy does not mention management of risks, and should state where the network will integrate with coach services.

Response to Combined Authority Draft Local Transport Plan

We believe that the consultation on this draft Local Transport Plan needs to reach much deeper into the communities, businesses, schools and other organisations that will be affected for years to come by what is...

Shape the future of Smarter Cambridge Transport

Smarter Cambridge Transport needs to change in order for it to be self-sustaining in the long term. We are aiming to formalise the structure of the organisation and seek a mix of funding. The envisaged structure would...

Response to the CPIER Interim Report

The Smarter Cambridge Transport response to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Independent Economic Review's interim report.

Response to ‘Cambourne to Cambridge’ consultation

Rather than building extensive new road capacity for buses, we need to make better use of existing road capacity, build travel hubs and re-route bus services, and create safe and convenient cycle and pedestrian routes...

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Devolution: a summary

[Links updated March 2021] On 4 May 2017, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough elected James Palmer (Conservative) as mayor. He will chair the Combined Authority, a new body that brings together the district and city...

Response to Cambourne to Cambridge busway proposal

Further to our response to the public consultation, we have prepared seventeen key questions for the City Deal Executive Board to answer in relation to its decision on 13 October 2016 to progress a proposal to build a...

Rebooting the City Deal

Smarter Cambridge Transport held its first public event, Rebooting The City Deal, on Friday 14 October at Wolfson College, attended by around 250 people. Our thanks to Antony Carpen for videoing the event. Here are the...

Response to City Deal 8 Point Plan

This is the Smarter Cambridge Transport response to the City Deal on the 8 Point Plan to reduce congestion in Cambridge: Better public transport and Park & Rides We fully endorse this ambition, but with some...

Greater Cambridge City Deal: A New Approach

Areas of concern [Updated 23 August 2016: expanded section on access and parking permits] Here in summary are ten concerns that residents, businesses and observers have voiced about the City Deal: The City Deal is...


Updated September 2018 with details about a Cambridge city bus hub moved to a new paper. Background After years of growth, bus patronage is in decline, locally and nationally, at a time when train patronage continues to...

Travel Hubs

A ‘travel hub’ refers to a bus, tram or train station with more facilities than a bus stop, and with the dominant modes of access being walking and cycling.

Show your support for new neighbourhood parking schemes

We will be presenting our petition, which gained 1,317 signatures from all city wards, to the Highways and Community Infrastructure Committee when it meets on 14 March 2017 to consider an updated Residents’ Parking...