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Adams Road, Cambridge filled with commuter cars parking for free

We will be presenting our petition, which gained 1,317 signatures from all city wards, to the Highways and Community Infrastructure Committee when it meets on 14 March 2017 to consider an updated Residents’ Parking Policy prepared by the Cambridge Joint Area Committee.

The new policy is an improvement, but still flawed:

  • It’s piecemeal rather than city-wide, meaning that problems will be shunted from one neighbourhood to another over many years.
  • It won’t deliver the potential 10% reduction in peak-time traffic that would permanently (and significantly) reduce congestion and pollution, and improve bus services.
  • It doesn’t include options such as one-hour residents’ parking or limited-wait with exemptions for residents (which is commonplace in Oxford).
  • The consultation process is back-to-front: local residents and businesses need to be involved in designing their scheme before it’s worked up by officers and put to a vote.
  • There is no option for residents to trial a scheme so they can experience the impact before voting whether to keep it.

If you would like to see a city-wide approach to implementing neighbourhood street parking schemes where needed, along the lines proposed in our On-Street Parking paper, please write to your county councillor.

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