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What we need right now is not a busway

For South Cambridgeshire residents, what's needed are attractive, comfortable, reliable and flexible public transport options from close to where people live.

What is ‘Inbound Flow Control’?

You will know that the City Deal has plans (“but no decisions have been made yet”) to build a busway from Cambourne to Cambridge, to add more bus lanes to Milton Road, and to build a bus lane on Histon Rd between King’s...

Response to City Deal 8 Point Plan

This is the Smarter Cambridge Transport response to the City Deal on the 8 Point Plan to reduce congestion in Cambridge: Better public transport and Park & Rides We fully endorse this ambition, but with some...

Inbound Flow Control

What is Inbound Flow Control? Inbound Flow Control is a powerful technique for reducing congestion. Traffic lights on the edge of the city release vehicles only as fast as the road ahead can carry them. By restricting...