Smarter Cambridge Transport

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Smarter Cambridge Transport is retiring

Members of the team will continue to support and advise other groups in their campaigns to get the right transport solutions. The website will remain up.

No action on the climate crisis until 2025

Politicians are squandering the chance of a transport future with zero carbon emissions, zero air pollution, zero road deaths and zero congestion.

Petition to Greater Cambridge Partnership

Please sign our petition to the Greater Cambridge Partnership to reallocate funding from busways and car parks to more sustainable alternatives.

The legacy of the Citizens Assembly

Last year a Citizens Assembly considered how to reduce congestion, improve air quality and provide better public transport. What's happened since?

How much does it cost to run a bus?

What would make the bigger difference: another 2,500 people using Park & Ride or 55,000 more people using buses in the region?

Before a congestion charge

Neither the Greater Cambridge Partnership nor the Combined Authority has a plan to transform bus services across the region.

Haverhill Rail: the Missing A1307 Option

A conservative extrapolation from the St Ives busway to the Haverhill railway provides a forecast of about 4.5m trips/year. So why isn’t reopening the railway still under consideration?

Response to ‘Cambourne to Cambridge’ consultation

Rather than building extensive new road capacity for buses, we need to make better use of existing road capacity, build travel hubs and re-route bus services, and create safe and convenient cycle and pedestrian routes...