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Call for an alternative to the Cambridge South West (Hauxton) Park & Ride

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) has published the Outline Business Case for a new 2,260-space [corrected from 946-space] Park & Ride on the west side of the M11–A10 interchange, along with link roads, two new junctions on the A10, and widening of Trumpington Rd to incorporate more bus lane. The total cost is about £55 million or £24,500 [corrected from £58,000] per parking space (in 2019 prices).

The monetised benefits of the “preferred option” are negative (before subtracting costs). This puts the benefit-to-cost ratio (BCR) in the lowest possible (“very poor”) value for money category according to HM Treasury guidance. Furthermore, the traffic forecasts are dire: average traffic speeds reduced from 30mph now to under 7mph between 5pm and 6pm. Queues to leave the M11 could extend over a mile in the morning and up to two miles in the evening.

The impact on villages along the A10, especially Harston, would be intolerable. Bus services using the A10 (Busway A and D) and M11 (National Express and the ‘H’ service from Papworth) would be severely delayed by the traffic queues.

The GCP Executive Board meets on Thursday 27 June 2019 to decide whether to proceed with commissioning detailed designs for this scheme, with a view to starting work next year.

Using the form below, let GCP know that you oppose this plan and what you would prefer to see instead.


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    • Please don’t do this! We need help to reduce the traffic and not to make it worse.

    • Please make more provision, for footpaths and cycle paths not just make things easy for car owners.

    • Yikes. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
      Where is the data about the queuing times and impact on journey times in the consultation document please? I couldn’t find it!

    • I really don’t understand how anyone could even consider £58,000 for a parking space. Also the impact this will have on the surrounding villages is terrible. The pollution, air quality for our children.
      Also with the proposed childrens hospital on the Addenbrokes site, this will not be a solution.
      South Cambridge Train station on the hospital site??