Smarter Cambridge Transport

Author - Edward Leigh

Smarter Cambridge Transport is retiring

Members of the team will continue to support and advise other groups in their campaigns to get the right transport solutions. The website will remain up.

Is ‘sustainable growth’ even possible?

We and our representatives must accept that the earth’s ecological boundaries are non-negotiable, not something that can be ‘mitigated’.

Would this get you to give up a car?

We need to make public transport simpler to use, widely available and cheap. Let’s start with integrated rail–bus tickets with free transfers.

Growth requires sustainable infrastructure

It is now abundantly clear that politicians accepted the growth agenda without a clear vision of where it would take us, without securing adequate funding for all the infrastructure, and without explaining the...

Getting the basics right for bus services

The Cambridge City Access and Public Transport Improvements report MUST set out how bus services and stops will improve markedly from 2022.

A14 Girton Interchange – a critical link

The Girton Interchange needs new road connections to eliminate congestion on the A1307 (Madingley Hill). It is also an ideal location for a light rail and coach station, visitor transfer hub, logistics hub, exhibition...

No action on the climate crisis until 2025

Politicians are squandering the chance of a transport future with zero carbon emissions, zero air pollution, zero road deaths and zero congestion.

Petitioning the GCP to change its priorities

Our petition asks the GCP Board to change its priorities to schemes that could be delivered in less time with greater benefit, and much lower environmental damage.

Vision Zero: let’s make it a reality

To many, reducing speed limits seems perverse. But the reduced grief and pain, and increased freedom for our children, is more than worth it.

Maintaining our roads and pavements

A topic that fills many councillors’ inboxes is the dire state of our roads and pavements. But funding runs far short of what is needed to fix them.

Bus back better? A new national strategy

We need bus services to work for many more people.The new national bus strategy seeks to address this, with clear and sensible ambitions.

Time to suspend peak-time rail fares?

If they don’t travel five days a week, many part-time commuters will simply not return to trains and buses if they are able to drive instead.

Improved plans for Cambridge station

Unfortunately, although there are outstanding issues with the new development, these are unlikely to see it blocked a second time.

Causeway to an isolated new community

Planning permission has been granted for 430 new homes on Worts’ Causeway. The poverty of ambition is deeply concerning.